Can I try Formcast for 1 day?

Yes. Formcast is now available as a 24 Hour Trial. Once your trial has expired you will be upgraded to your chosen plan and can cancel at anytime.

Can I view Formcast on my phone?

Yes. Formcast has been fully optimised to be cross browser compatible meaning it will work on all devices.

How Does Formcast work?

Each day our system analyses all UK and Irish races. Once this is done we filter the data and add the appropriate selections to our online platform.

Can I bet on every race?

Yes. Depending on your selected plan we publish a predicted winner or top 3 places.

Where should I bet?

That’s completely up to you but it is good practice to have multiple accounts across the industry. The bookmakers don’t like it when you win so if one limits your account it is a good idea to have a back up account. We also offer a print out option and a mobile compatible site so that you can bet in bricks and mortar shops.

How much does it cost?

Our personal plans range from £30-100 per month. We also offer a Pro Investor package aimed at professional betting syndicates and gamblers.

What's the differences between membership levels?

The main difference between our membership plans is the level of information. Our Top Picks plan will display the top 5-10 picks each day. Our Full Cards plan will display the top pick on every UK & Irish race daily. Our Dutch Strategy plan will display the top 3 picks on each UK & Irish Race Daily.

Our Pro Investor plan includes all of the above plus a full detailed breakdown on each race.

Should I use a strategy?

We recommend using a points based system. On your App dashboard we have a calculator to work out what your points would be based on your betting bank. We will also publish our recommended bet beside each selection.

How much should I bet?

Only ever bet what you can afford to lose. Remember that making money from betting is not an overnight solution and should be thought of as a long term investment.

If you think you may have a gambling problem please visit GamCare for help.

Why should I use Formcast?

If you are serious about making money from horse race betting then we believe that Formcast is an invaluable tool to have. We have shown consistent profits with our selections and hope you will benefit from Formcast too.

How do I sign up?

You can signup for a free trial here.

Once your free trial has expired you will be subscribed to your chosen plan which you can cancel at anytime.